Compared with other major industries, healthcare believes itself to be at significantly lower risk for data breaches now than when the COVID crisis began prompting employers to let staff work from home.

The company’s work with Anthem-affiliated health plans, in particular, is expected to prosper as a result of this additional funding.

A popular and fast-growing consumer healthcare company rooted in technology intends to go public with an initial offering of $100 million in shares.

The new project includes, among other things, key detection models and augmented reality microscopes. 

Google Cloud is injecting $100 million into a supplier of telehealth platforms, partly to build out AI systems for helping hospitals remotely handle patient inquiries, intake and triage.

A healthcare AI startup has introduced software that will let drugmakers market their wares directly to individual consumers without uncovering anyone’s actual identity.

The COVID-driven push to get people working from home en masse is giving AI a chance to rise above its own hype.

“The fusion of AI and healthcare is one of the most lucrative opportunities I’ve come across in my entire career,” writes the founding partner and CEO of an investment research firm.

The lab’s leaders are pledging to support innovators in various industries—including healthcare—who will have a hand in the rise of 5G technology.

The research and advisory firm says these are the areas likely to yield the biggest bang for the AI buck when it comes to making better decisions on how to deal with the pandemic.

Coviant Software is announcing it has become the first and only supplier of managed file transfer (MFT) software to fully support Google Cloud’s newly opened healthcare API for data exchange.

A company offering healthcare and wellness services to its clients’ employees is partnering with a neighboring company specialized in predictive data analytics to blunt the impact of COVID-19 on those same employees.