Northwell Health, a New York-based nonprofit health system, is building its own electronic health records system and leveraging AI to do it, Axios reported.

In a move closely partnering big pharma with big tech, Novartis and Microsoft have jointly announced a strategic alliance.

Leaders of HR departments are looking to AI for help improving the employee experience. As part of the effort, some 59% are considering or already adding virtual employee assistants like chatbots.

If the researchers behind a new report on AI in healthcare are right, the technology could cut nonclinical workers’ workload by 40% while also slashing clinical tasks by 33%.

Contrary to popular perceptions, while much leading-edge innovation involving AI is coming out of China, the advances emanating from the Middle Kingdom are limited to just a few platform technologies and market segments.

Kheiron Medical Technologies, a London-based machine learning startup focused on helping radiologists detect cancer at an early stage, has raised $22 million in a Series A funding round.

Riverain Technologies, a provider of clinical AI software, is receiving a $15 million infusion of investment funding led by Ping An Insurance Company’s Ping An Global Voyager Fund.

Jvion, an AI-enabled prescriptive analytics company that aims to prevent harms, has joined ranks with integrated care network Novant Health to become the first member of the Novant Health Institute of Innovation & Artificial Intelligence.

International investment firm Morgan Stanley believes odds are strong that Apple will become a major player in healthcare AI, according to an article published Sept. 16 in AppleInsider.

The Mayo Clinic has selected Google Cloud to anchor its digital development over the next 10 years.

Healthcare consumers see AI-delivered healthcare as standardized and therefore neglectful of patients’ individual needs, which is one reason they tend to be less accepting of healthcare delivered by AI than that provided by humans.

While much of the attention paid to AI in healthcare has focused on applications to improve care and the administration thereof, industry players have quietly begun tapping the technology to boost sales of their healthcare wares.