In the late 1700s the English social theorist Jeremy Bentham sketched out a prison in which a single guard could control hundreds of inmates. The trick was to let the men know they could be seen 24/7 while the guard on duty was hidden from their view.  

Medical AI may be stuck in a bind familiar to many jobseekers: If you don’t have the hands-on experience, you can’t get the job. If you don’t have the job, you can’t get the hands-on experience.

Pandemic forecasting models aren’t hard to find of late, but a new one combines epidemiological expertise from a top-three medical school with AI knowhow from one of big tech’s biggest.

A generation gap may be emerging within the gold rush of computer scientists and software developers racing to weaponize AI for the fight against COVID-19.

A company with a name that sounds like a book title has formed to beat back COVID and future health crises by tapping the powers of AI.

If an AI-brained surgical robot refuses to do its job at a critical moment in the OR, who is responsible for stepping in?

One state’s largest health system is combining forces with that state’s top medical school to launch a multidisciplinary digital health center that’s notable for its apparent velocity out of the gate.

Researchers have demonstrated the use of an AI tool that can accurately identify or rule out prostate cancer on digitized pathology slides from core needle biopsies.

The FDA has OK’d the sixth medical AI application developed by Israel-based Zebra Medical Vision. The latest iteration helps breast-specialized radiologists by flagging questionable lesions appearing in 2D mammograms.

Medical journals accepting reprint fees are much more likely to publish articles written by authors who received industry payments.

The COVID crisis could close the gap between what healthcare AI can do in clinical research settings and how it can contribute to actual patient care.

A blockchain startup headquartered in the British Virgin Islands is organizing a global, healthcare-specific online hackathon with a prize pool of 15,000 euros, or around $17,500.