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HHS has published a document that it says marks the department’s first concerted move to transform itself into an “AI-fueled enterprise.”

*May also include VR/AR and 3D printing. Links lead to announcements as sent by the companies.

The NIH, FDA and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are working with a San Francisco startup whose calling card is an AI-enabled engine that renders patient data unidentifiable by reproducing it in synthetic versions.

Last Tuesday the FDA posted an action plan telling how it will evaluate AI for medical applications going forward. Three days later the agency officially proposed letting numerous products through without review. 

After perusing info on AI startups as compiled by Crunchbase, Forbes senior contributor Louis Columbus has named one “to watch” in 2021 that serves exclusively healthcare.

The FDA’s new Digital Health Center of Excellence has released a document describing how it will henceforth oversee and evaluate software that incorporates AI and machine learning for medical applications.

AI researchers and developers across the U.S. received a powerful if overshadowed shot in the arm on New Year’s Day.

The FDA has cleared UK-based Ultromics to sell an AI-powered tool for diagnosing coronary artery disease (CAD) on echocardiograms.

Of 52 AI models analyzed by MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research over the past two years, 31 have been deployed. The rest were in pilot phases or under development.

Now comes a boomlet in vendors looking to piggyback on’s success, according to Niall Brennan, MPP, a member of’s advisory board who is also the head of the Healthcare Cost Institute.

A few months into the COVID crisis, the health department of California’s Contra Costa County faced an unexpected side challenge: Staff were getting inundated by faxes bearing vital health data.

An integrated delivery network that covers five and a half million lives is bringing in Google Cloud to help build and maintain a patient-centric platform with advanced analytic and AI capabilities.