Interacting with a computer-animated virtual counselor could help patients know more about complex health issues, including breast cancer, according to new findings published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

AI technologies could make a significant impact on the future of spine care, according to a new analysis published in Global Spine Journal.


Deep learning could potentially assist healthcare providers with the evaluation of small renal masses detected on certain contrast-enhanced CT exams, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Researchers have developed a deep learning system capable of evaluating tissue samples and diagnosing prostate cancer at a level comparable with many pathologists.

The use of AI in healthcare is rapidly rising, but healthcare providers remain an absolutely essential part of patient care, according to a new analysis published in CMAJ.

Deep learning (DL) can predict and enhance MS lesions on unenhanced MRI scans, according to a new study published in Radiology

Deep learning can improve the quality of coronary CT angiography (CCTA) images, according to a new study published in Academic Radiology.

AI can identify women at a high risk of developing breast cancer more accurately than existing prediction models, according to a new study published in Radiology.

Researchers have developed an AI algorithm that can identify cancer cells in digital pathology images, sharing their findings in EBioMedicine.

A new imaging technique that uses deep learning technology can identify tumors in colorectal tissue samples with 100% accuracy, according to findings published in Theranostics.

AI models can be trained to evaluate chest x-rays as well as radiologists, according to a new study published by Radiology. Specialist-approved reference standards played a crucial role in the team’s research.

Patients getting chest CT scans for lung cancer screenings can also be measured for heart disease thanks to AI, according to a new study presented at RSNA 2019 in Chicago.