Telehealth company introduces interactive chatbot for virtual visits

Florida-based telehealth provider MDLive is now incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its virtual healthcare services with its new interactive chatbot named “Sophie,” according to a report by the Sun Sentinel.

Sophie is a additional feature for MDLive’s virtual healthcare services and is designed to ask and collect information from patients about their symptoms, guide patients through online registration for their virtual visits and relay information to the physician, according to the report.

“Sophie asks questions based on patients’ health concerns, and is designed to continually learn from its interviews of patients to perform more accurate diagnoses and suggested treatments,” the report stated. “Soon, Sophie will also be scheduling appointments and helping members do cost comparisons.”

There are about 30 million enrolled members for its services, and the company expects to conduct 500,000 virtual visits this year. The hope is that Sophie will help doctors visit with more patients.

“When the doctor is spending time with you, she is focusing on more empathizing and educating and making sure the diagnosis is right vs. collecting history and asking questions,” MDLive CEO Rich Berner said in the report.

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