New collaboration focused on using AI to improve the speed, accuracy of cancer care

Proscia, a Philadelphia-based AI technology company, has partnered with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to improve cancer diagnoses and patient outcomes.

The collaboration will begin with an emphasis on prostate cancer, an especially fatal disease among men in the United States, but it will go on to cover other key areas of interest as well.

Proscia’s work in digital pathology and UCSF’s high-quality data made the pairing a perfect fit, according to Zoltan Laszik, MD, PhD, a professor of pathology at UCSF. With these large datasets, Proscia will be able to validate that their solutions can effective speed up patient care and lead to more accurate answers.

“UCSF prides itself as being an institution in the intersection of research and clinical practice of medicine, continuously working to translate new findings into more effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment,” Laszik said in a prepared statement. “Proscia’s focus on delivering practical AI solutions strongly aligns with our efforts, and we are pleased to work together to improve the routine pathology workflow.”

“As prostate cancer impacts millions of patients each year, it is critical that we improve productivity and confidence in this high-impact specialty,” Mike Bonham, Proscia’s chief medical officer, said in the same statement. “Through our partnership with UCSF, an institution that achieves the highest standards in patient care, research, and education, we are gaining the data and experience required to ensure that our AI delivers meaningful benefits in practice, where so many other solutions have struggled to perform.”