Survey says: U.S. hospitals have big plans for automation

Nearly two-thirds of hospitals are hoping to implement robotic process automation and AI technologies in the next two years, according to a new survey of healthcare executives.

The survey, conducted by Olive, included responses from 89 decision-makers representing health systems and independent hospitals throughout the United States. Participants included chief medical information officers, IT leaders, revenue cycle managers and other key positions. Answers were gathered at two industry conferences, the 2019 Becker’s HIT + RCM Conference and HLTH 2019.

“Health systems nationwide are rapidly adopting an AI workforce to deliver enterprise-wide transformation,” Sean Lane, CEO of Olive, said in a prepared statement. “Healthcare leaders understand that it’s critical to act now. Deploying an AI workforce—a solution that’s far beyond simple static automation—is the only way to sustainably address healthcare’s biggest challenges.”

The survey also found that half of respondents would be comfortable with an automation-focused vendor designing, installing and supporting automation solutions within their facility. And just 8% respondents working as a director, and 16% working as a manager, were “unfamiliar with the concept of process automation.”