Medical Imaging

The healthcare AI startup founded by developers of the Apple Watch has been greenlit to market an AI-powered mobile application that lets radiologists interpret images and share the results with patients in real time.

The work of Regina Barzilay, PhD, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, has focused on breast imaging, the development of new antibiotics and much more. 

The solution, Caption AI, was designed to help users “without lengthy specialized training” capture high-quality images.  

People have been anticipating the demise of radiologists for years, speculating that AI will soon be interpreting imaging results with the precision of a seasoned veteran.

During the fourth, fifth or sixth year of medical school, more than half of students across faculties in Brazil’s largest city believe AI is a threat to the radiology job market.

The FDA has permitted the use of Aidoc’s AI models for the detection and prioritization of incidental CT findings associated with COVID-19.

Researchers are hard at work developing new AI algorithms that could help radiologists diagnose COVID-19 patients.

A new AI model can help radiologists distinguish COVID-19 from non-COVID 19 pneumonia when reading chest CT examinations.

According to the company, its newly approved AI model can play a role in helping hospitals triage patients with suspected COVID-19.

Ferrum Health, a San Francisco-based healthcare technology company, has closed a funding round worth $9 million.

Researchers have developed an AI algorithm that can scan the chest x-rays of COVID-19 patients for signs of pneumonia., a London-based imaging technology company, has received FDA clearance for its AI algorithm designed to help radiologists triage pneumothorax patients.

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