Ohio health system uses AI to help stroke patients

Kettering Health Network, an Ohio-based health system, is using AI to reverse the effects of strokes quicker, according to a report by WDTN News.

The health system’s stroke team currently uses RAPID, AI-powered software that quickly and automatically analyzes CT scans of stroke patients to determine if they need a blood clot removed from their brain. The software then sends the results to physicians immediately.

Through the software, physicians can now save a stroke patient’s brain tissue and reverse the effects of a stroke up to 24 hours after it occurs. According to the report, stroke patients typically had a six-hour window from the onset of a stroke to successful surgery prior to the software being implemented at the health system.

"Traditionally, what we've had to do is scan patients, it takes 15 minutes to really sort out the raw data to even get to the images, so you have the time it takes to get someone here to review the image and then the processing time," Jody Short, MD, a neurointerventionalist with Kettering Health Network, said in the report. "You're looking at probably 30 to 45 minutes that we've saved."

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