Arizona implements health IT, HIE roadmap

Arizona is kicking off implementation of its plan to advance health IT and health information exchange (HIE) statewide.   

Arizona’s Health IT Roadmap 2.0—a collaboration between the Arizona Department of Administration’s Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology office, Arizona Health-e Connection and consulting firm Mosaica Partners—describes 19 actionable initiatives designed to advance health IT and HIE in Arizona.

The roadmap specifically focuses on stakeholder engagement and policy development, technology infrastructure implementation and exploration of innovative technology models that support care delivery transformation.

With the end of federal funding in early 2014, Arizona wanted to ensure a go-forward plan to leverage its already-significant investment in health IT, according to the Arizona government. Unlike many states, Arizona specifically dedicated a portion of its federal funds to produce a plan covering the next three years and beyond. Of particular importance were the identification of a viable path for continued Health IT and HIE adoption and the development of new funding sources to sustain growth and operations.

Access the roadmap here.