YouTube, Robert Downey Jr. team up for original series about AI

YouTube has launched an original series about AI with a little help from one of Marvel’s Avengers.  

The eight-part series, The Age of A.I., is hosted by Robert Downey Jr., who famously played the tech-savvy Iron Man in several Marvel movies. He also serves as one of its producers.

The first two installments of the show are now available for free, with the other six on the horizon. The second episode is specifically all about how AI is being used in healthcare. A YouTube playlist of the show’s episodes can be found here. Signing up for YouTube Premium gives users immediate access to the third and fourth episodes.

The series already gained the respect of one high-profile fan: Calum Chace, a Forbes contributor who shared his thoughts in an online review.

“AI is our most powerful technology, and in the next few decades it will change everything about the nature of being human,” Chace wrote. “Understanding what it is, how it works, and something about its promise and its peril will increasingly be basic literacy for citizens. This is a well-made, well-informed show that will get many more people up to speed, and that is greatly to be welcomed.”