White House asks tech giants for help with coronavirus

The White House has met with representatives from Amazon, Google, Facebook and other massive tech companies to see how advanced technology could help the United States slow down the spread of the new coronavirus. The meeting occurred Wednesday, March 11, and included Michael Kratsios, chief technology officer of the United States.

According to a report from the Washington Post, Kratsios and other White House officials asked for help combatting COVID-19 and stopping false information related to the outbreak from being circulated online.

The White House also indicated that more information about COVID-19 would soon be made available to researchers.

“The hope, U.S. officials said, is that Silicon Valley might be able to deploy its engineers—and tap its powerful systems for crunching and analyzing data—to better understand the virus,” according to the report.

The Washington Post confirmed these details with multiple sources familiar with the meeting.

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