Can virtual reality keep teens from vaping?

Vaping among teenagers has grown dramatically in the United States, and more and more research coming out suggests the use of e-cigarettes can lead to significant health issues.

According to a report from WNPR, researchers from the Yale Center for Health and Learning Games are hoping they can keep some teenagers from vaping with an assist from virtual reality (VR).

“Invite Only,” a VR game developed by Yale’s play4REAL Lab and New Haven, Connecticut-based PreviewLabs, places users in a high school environment where they encounter real-life situations such as being offered vaping products at a party.

“We really hope that this game is going to arm kids with the facts and information, and make them feel empowered to talk to their friends who may be vaping or who may be thinking about vaping,” Veronica Weser, a research associate from the play4REAL Lab, said in the WNPR report.

More information on Yale’s ongoing research on VR and vaping can be read at the link below.