Google, join forces to build safer hospital rooms

Google and have announced a new partnership focused on bringing autonomous monitoring technology to hospitals environments.

The collaboration involves’s autonomous monitoring platform and Google’s Coral Edge TPU. Traditional hospital rooms will be outfitted with AI-powered sensors that can send “context-aware, intelligent notifications" to hospital employees at times when a preventable accident or medical error is about to take place. The neural networks learn as they operate, evolving to make the rooms safer for patients as time goes on.  

“Imagine if we brought the power of AI with autonomous monitoring to healthcare environments—we could prevent injuries, diseases, protocol breaches, and ultimately fatalities; while improving staff efficiency,” Chakri Toleti, founder and CEO of, said in a prepared statement. “By utilizing Google’s Edge TPU, has done just that—we have built an AI sensor to monitor, predict, and infer behaviors using billions of data points in real time. It is truly the world’s most advanced AI platform for healthcare.”

“We believe we are on the cusp of an amazing revolution for AI in healthcare and are proud to partner with to witness it becoming a reality,” Billy Rutledge, director of the Coral platform for Google, said in the same statement.