Walmart joins blockchain group to track pharmaceuticals

Retail giant Walmart has joined a blockchain group that aims to track the provenance of pharmaceuticals, the company confirmed to CoinDesk.

The blockchain consortium, MediLedger, includes members such as drugmaker Pfizer and the three largest pharma wholesalers––McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health.

The move represents another step into the healthcare technology space for Walmart, which has already deepened its presence in the Medicare Advantage market, launched new telehealth services, worked to make over-the-counter drugs more affordable and joined another system for tracking fresh produce with IBM’s Food Trust.

According to CoinDesk, MediLedger uses a version of the ethereum blockchain. Walmart’s addition to the consortium comes ahead of an FDA pilot test of various approaches to creating an interoperable, digitized system for tracking and verifying prescription drugs.

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