Tech company, insurer partnering on virtual prescription assistant

Patients covered by CNA Insurance for long-term care will be getting reminders to take their medications via an AI-based app supplied by Groove Health.

Groove, whose niche is specifically technology-based medication adherence, announced the strategic collaboration this week.

The Groove Health app is powered by a virtual medication assistant called Maxwell, who answers questions about meds and intervenes with personalized pointers, according to the company.

The app also gives contraindication alerts and other regimen-adherence helps, and it supports communications on medications between patients and their caregivers or clinicians.

Groove Health’s founder and CEO, Andrew Hourani, says the need for such an app is evident because fewer than half of patients take their meds as prescribed.

“We are continuing to see insurers embrace the role that AI-based technology can play in improving medication adherence, especially in the aging population,” he says.

CNA’s vice president of long-term care, John Palmer, says the collaboration gives CNA’s long-term care policyholders “a tool to assist in medication management that will help them maintain their health and remain independent.”

Both CNA and Groove Health are based in Chicago.