Philips, American Well partner to offer pediatric telehealth

American Well and Philips have partnered to offer new parents 24/7 telehealth coverage for their babies through the Philips Avent uGrow application.

The partnership between American Well and Philips Avent will aim to provide technology to access providers through video calls at any time.

“At Philips, our mission is to make life better and easier for parents and their babies through meaningful innovations,” said Brenda Kapner, the marketing director at Philips. “We listened to what parents needed and evolved our uGrow parenting app to provide them with peace of mind knowing that they now have around the clock video access to healthcare providers with a touch of a button, from the comfort of their own home.”

The uGrow app gives parents a platform to track a baby’s development to gain insight on development. Through the partnership with American Well, uGrow app users can now connect with physicians 24/7 through video calls. Additionally, the app provides parents access to not only physicians but specialists, lactation consultations and mental health providers.