Over 90% of nurses, physicians will use mobile devices in 2022

Mobile device usage for nurses and clinicians is expected to top 90 percent in 2022, according to The Future of Healthcare: 2022 Hospital Vision Study conducted by Zebra Technologies.

As the healthcare industry becomes more digitized, utilization of mobile technologies has increased. The study, which included the responses from 1,532 international clinicians, looked at the current and future state of mobile device usage in healthcare.

Key findings included:

  1. By 2020, usage of mobile devices is expected to grow by 40 percent for all hospital workers.
  2. 98 percent of alarms or alerts from patient monitoring equipment, electronic health records (EHRs) and biomedical devices will be accessed through a mobile device by 2022.
  3. In four years, 91 percent of nurses could access EHR, medical and drug database references (92 percent), and lab diagnostic results (88 percent) using a mobile device.
  4. By 2022, 97 percent of bedside nurses, 98 percent of physicians, 96 percent of pharmacists and 94 percent of emergency room nurses will be utilizing mobile devices.
  5. 42 percent of IT departments in hospitals are looking to implement data encryption and remote device wiping on mobile devices within the next year.
  6. The use of mobile technologies could reduce 46 percent of preventable medical errors and care issues case by the breakdown of communication by 2022.
  7. 98 percent of healthcare delivery systems plan to have a mobile device policy by 2022.
  8. 77 percent of patients reported positive feelings toward clinicians using mobile devices in their care.
  9. 95 percent of patients are willing to share electronic health metrics with clinicians.
  10. By 2022, 98 percent of IT executives expect predictive analytics and early detection notification for life threatening conditions will be sent to clinicians’ mobile devices.
  11. 97 percent of hospitals expect dynamic workflow notifications to be sent to mobile devices by 2022.

“While it’s clear that more and more hospitals are embracing clinical mobility, we are still at the beginning of this transformative aspect of healthcare,” concluded the study. “Hospitals have started to lay the groundwork for implementing clinical mobility by equipping bedside nurses with mobile devices and connecting data from equipment, supplies, and health information systems. Now is the time for widespread adoption in hospitals since not only nurses and IT decision makers see the benefits, but the new generation of patients that welcome and expect technology to be part of their healthcare treatment.”