Complete digital home health solution gathers data from wearables and connected devices and makes it meaningful and actionable for clinicians, caregivers, patients and family members

Boston – October 20, 2016 –  Orbita today unveiled the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solution designed specifically to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of connected home healthcare. Organizations using the Orbita platform can easily create, manage and deliver practical digital home healthcare applications that improve medical outcomes and reduce health care costs for individuals with chronic and post-acute care needs.

The Orbita platform includes built-in capabilities to capture and analyze data from wearables, sensor-embedded home health devices, and other connected devices and makes this data meaningful and actionable through intuitive, collaborative care experiences that engage patients, inform caregivers, and empower providers.“If economics and demographics are the driving forces in home healthcare, technology is the engine revolutionizing how it is being delivered,” said .  “Wireless connectivity, smartphones and connected devices are the current superstars of digital health, but truly transforming connected home healthcare requires a focus on capabilities that directly impact patient engagement and provider efficiency.  We’re excited to bring to market the first purpose-built platform that includes all these capabilities in a single package.”
 The Orbita solution facilitates comprehensive home healthcare management with:
  • Adaptive Patient Engagement:  Customizable and adaptive user interface options to support patients with varying capabilities and need (including voice interfaces such as Amazon Echo)
  • Smart Integrations:  Integration with enterprise and stand-alone healthcare systems and a variety of digital healthcare, lifestyle (wearables,) and connected home devices to monitor medication and treatment adherence and enable data-driven decision-making for intervention and care coordination
  • Actionable Insights:  Robust analytics and a flexible rules orchestration engine for creating custom intervention and response triggers and other application logic that eliminates data overload and “alert fatigue”
  • Remote Care Coordination: Real-time mobile messaging, conferencing, and collaboration tools to engage and empower both family and professional caregivers
  • Intelligent Content Delivery: Timely and personalized delivery of provider-generated care protocols (with “to do” list checks and balances) 
“The healthcare industry is full of inflexible connected home health applications that do not adapt to the changing needs of the patient. The Orbita platform was designed from the bottom up to enable powerful, connected home healthcare applications that flexibly adapt to the changing needs of the patient, as well as their friends and family caregivers, and their healthcare providers,” Rogers said.ABOUT ORBITA
Orbita provides the first secure (HIPAA-compliant) cloud-based platform for creating and managing digital home healthcare applications. Orbita’s purpose-built platform gathers data from wearables, home health devices, and other connected devices into collaborative care experiences that vastly improve patient engagement and care coordination. Orbita works with healthcare providers, payers, home care service providers, medical device manufacturers, and other healthcare organizations to enable digital home healthcare solutions that increase treatment adherence, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and minimize risks for patients with chronic or post-acute healthcare needs.