AAFP, Zipnosis partner to develop telehealth platform for family physicians

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has announced a partnership with Zipnosis, providers of virtual care technology, to provide AAFP’s 129,000 members and their patients with a comprehensive virtual care platform.

Following a 2017 AAFP member survey that showcased an increased demand for virtual care services, the partnership aims to develop a platform addressing the need for online diagnosis and treatment options. The platform will allow AAFP members to offer patients access to care with their family physician through a virtual care portal.

"Patients today want quick and easy access to health care, but that convenience shouldn't come at the cost of the relationship they have with their family physician," said Steven Waldren, MD, director of the AAFP's Alliance for eHealth Innovation. "Offering this new telemedicine platform gives our family physician members another tool through which they can care for patients."

The platform will offer an online adaptive interview technology where patients can provide symptoms and health history information for review by the physician, who can then offer a diagnosis and treatment plan through real-time video consultations.

"Forward-thinking organizations such as the AAFP understand the importance of leveraging innovative technology to tackle the current challenges that family physicians and their patients face," said Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis. "By partnering with Zipnosis, they have the technology and resources to allow them to offer their members a virtual care solution that unlocks clinical capacity and improves patients' access to care across the U.S."