20% of healthcare organizations to use blockchain by 2020

By 2020, about 20 percent of healthcare organizations will be using blockchain for operations management and patient identity, according to an IDC Health Insights report cited by ComputerWorld.

Blockchain aims to offer a “transparent, electronic ledge that can be shared among a permissioned group of users, allowing everyone in the group to see the latest data in real-time."

According to the report as cited by ComputerWorld, blockchain would essentially "act as a mesh network for transmitting secure, near real-time patient data for healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurance payers and clinical researchers." The healthcare industry could soon be moving toward blockchain in an effort to increase efficiency and security, reduce costs and expand services.


The IDC report also provided several tips for organizations considering using blockchain:

  • Communicate transparently regarding the pros and cons of blockchain interoperability by ensuring that any decisions taken are evidence-based and informed.
  • Demonstrate a blockchain interoperability proof of concept by revealing how decentralized, distributed and immutable properties could contribute to stakeholder and organizational goals.
  • Advocate for blockchain interoperability with providers and patients who would be encouraged to no longer have to endure any frustrating burdens to get the data they need when and where they need it.
  • Adopt blockchain interoperability early, if you do plan to adopt it, as this allows for first-runner gains to manifest prior to the competition and tackle the concerns by going private if public seems too risky.

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