Zipnosis, GYANT partner on new patient engagement solution for health systems

Zipnosis, a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based healthcare technology company, has kicked off a new partnership with GYANT, a San Francisco-based company focused on improving physician-patient communication with AI.

The collaboration, a software solution known as the Zipnosis + GYANT Digital Front Door, was designed to help healthcare providers improve the overall patient experience using AI and personalized care. The software includes a virtual care platform developed by Zipnosis and a chat-based capabilities provide by GYANT.

“It’s time for digital tools in healthcare that actually improve the human experience,” Jon Pearce, Zipnosis CEO and co-founder, said in a prepared statement. “Zipnosis has been committed to creating a Digital Front Door in healthcare for years, in fact we were so committed to the idea we trademarked the term in 2016. However, our partnership with GYANT marks a new era in that commitment. Together we have created an even broader funnel for patients that want to understand how to start accessing healthcare services, regardless of the service.” 

“Health systems are overloaded with point solutions and managing technology integration can take away from time spent delivering care,” Pascal Zuta, GYANT co-founder and CEO, said in the same statement. “Meanwhile, patients experiencing episodes of care often feel lonely and confused as they navigate the system. Through our partnership with Zipnosis, we’re working to tackle both problems.”