U.S. News adds patient reviews on doctor profile pages

U.S. News & World Report and Binary Fountain have announced a collaboration that will allow U.S. News to publish patient experience ratings on its doctor profile pages.

Through the data collected from Binary Fountain, U.S. News has now published patient ratings on doctor profile pages to give consumers the ability to compare physicians in as many as 10 different patient metrics. According to a recent survey, 75 percent of Americans reported online ratings have influenced their decisions when choosing a physician. With the newly added reviews, U.S. News aims to assist consumers in making more informed healthcare decisions.

"In the age of healthcare consumerism, patient experience information has become a crucial piece of information for patients and families when choosing a physician," said Chad Smolinski, chief product officer of U.S. News. "Our collaboration with Binary Fountain allows U.S. News to expand the breadth and depth of relevant, trusted data we can provide to patients while searching for a new doctor."

Utilizing Binary Fountains’ Provider Social Index (PSI) technology, which collected patient feedback from over 100 online sources and uses natural language processing to extract insights to create a rating in 10 patient metrics, patient experience data are added to U.S. News doctor profiles. Currently, the reviews on published on family medicine physicians’ pages with more specialties being added in the coming months.

"We are excited to partner with U.S. News to further enhance their doctor profile pages with patient experience ratings, delivering industry-leading insights, data and analytics on thousands of doctors across the country," said Ramu Potarazu, president and CEO of Binary Fountain. "We are confident that our patient experience ratings will further strengthen the patient voice and empower consumers to make better informed decisions, based on doctors' previous track records."