University offers advanced instruction in AI ethics

A graduate-level program that will award certificates on the ethical use of AI across various spheres, including healthcare, is set to launch next month at San Francisco State University.

The school announced the program last spring, noting it incorporates philosophy and business as well as computer science.

The College Fix, a student-reported outlet, posted an update July 3.

“We are … coming together for SF State’s first interdisciplinary program that addresses the complicated roles we each foresee regarding AI development and use,” an associate dean tells College Fix reporter Katie Anderson, a senior at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. “Ethics has been increasingly needed in many work, social and political domains.”

According to SFSU’s college of business, the growth of AI is presenting industries with all sorts of challenges related to the “use and misuse of AI in government and media,” which therefore “calls for greater scrutiny and oversight,” Anderson reports.

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