Newly-formed alliance for AI in healthcare to officially launch

The newly-formed Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare will officially launch this month, with its first board meeting set for Jan. 9 in San Francisco.

The alliance is a coalition of technology developers, pharmaceutical companies and research organizations that share a common goal of improving healthcare through AI and plans to act as a forum to tackle difficult questions about the use of AI in the healthcare space. Some members include Bayer, Owkin, and Janssen. 

The potential of AI in healthcare is widely throughout the healthcare industry, with most experts hopeful the technology will have a positive impact on humans and increase healthcare access. However, other experts still believe there’s still a long way to go before the technology’s impact will be realized.

Just after its official launch, the organization will sponsor a panel discussion during the Biotech Showcase, a San Francisco-based investor conference, on Jan. 7, according to a press release.

The AAIH was formed last year after healthcare AI leaders joined forces to promote the use of AI in healthcare and advocate for policies and regulations that promotes rapid integration of the technology within the industry.

“If we are to build upon our recent industry success, and realize the true potential of AI, it is crucial that the sector organize immediately to enact policies and practices that will enable efficient adoption, integration, and commercialization,” Alex Zhavoronkov, chief executive officer of Insilico Medicine, said in a prepared statement following the organization’s formation.

The panel discussion will focus on the potential impact of machine learning on healthcare systems and drug development and provide insights on what investors and partners should consider before engaging in financing or co-development with AI healthcare companies. The panel will include:

  • Ben Newton, chief digital officer at GE Healthcare Life Sciences
  • Angeli Moell, co-lead of AI and head of Research IT Business Partnering at Bayer
  • Bill Martin, president and chief operating officer of BlackThorn Therapeutics
  • Maria Luisa Pineda, chief executive officer and co-founder of Envisagenics
  • John Baldoni, senior vice president of Insilico Drug Discovery at GSK Pharmaceuticals
  • Brandon Allgood, chief technology officer at Numerate
  • Alex Lash, national biotech editor at Xconomy