Employer-sponsored healthcare operator beefing up COVID measures with partner’s predictive analytics

A Wisconsin-based company offering healthcare and wellness services to its clients’ employees is partnering with a neighboring company specialized in predictive data analytics to blunt the impact of COVID-19 on those same employees.

QuadMed announced its exclusive partnership with BSG Analytics (BSGA), also based in the Badger State, on April 29, saying it expects the stepped-up analytics capabilities to help it excel in three key areas: calculating risk scores, identifying vulnerabilities unique to various subpopulations, and allocating resources and services where they’re most needed as COVID-19 marches on.

“To analyze the impact to each population, BSGA calculates aggregated risk based on the prevalence of health conditions and age groups with higher hospitalization and death rates related to COVID-19,” QuadMed says in the announcement. “That risk is then compared with cost drivers such as infection and testing rates, behavioral health impact, deferment of elective procedures and gaps in care for those with underlying health conditions.”

QuadMed says it also has begun using a virtual-first approach to care delivery, expanding telehealth services to all its clients at no additional cost.