AI not a substitute for patient-physician relationship

AI continues to make strides in medicine, with a market size in excess of $13 billion by 2025. But physicians and medical school deans at the Imagine Solutions Conference in Naples, Florida, stressed there is no substitute for the patient-physician relationship. 

“The convergence of human intelligence and artificial intelligence will make us better doctors, but they will not replace the fundamental importance of the doctor and patient interaction,” George Daley, MD, PhD, dean of Harvard Medical School, said at the conference.

Daley’s sentiments are echoed among physicians across the industry. Daniel Carlin, MD, CEO of WorldClinic, and author of the book The World of Concierge Medicine, told Forbes that the interpersonal relationship between physicians and patients is lost in the present healthcare system—much of this from technological advancements.

Many other industry heavy hitters also believe AI is “assistive intelligence,” but in no way replaces physicians. Still others believe AI has the potential to be more accurate than physicians and will one day render them obsolete.

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