Duke University Hospital launching AI system to treat sepsis patients

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t going unnoticed, and Duke University Hospital is the latest healthcare organization using it to help treat patients. The North Carolina-based hospital recently announced it is launching a new AI system that can identify sepsis cases, according to a report by IEEE Spectrum.

The hospital will roll out its Sepsis Watch system in November. The system is designed to catch sepsis in patients during early stages and alert physicians. Designed through deep learning, the system was trained using more than 50,000 patient records and 32 million data points, according to the report.

“In operation, it pulls information from patients’ medical records every 5 minutes to evaluate their conditions, offering intensive real-time analysis that human doctors can’t provide,” the report said. “If the AI system determines that a patient meets its criteria for someone with the early signs of sepsis, it alerts the nurses on the hospital’s rapid response team.”

The hospital will first use the system in its emergency department and later extend it to its general hospital floor and intensive care unit, the report stated.

Duke University Hospital isn’t the only organization looking to use AI to treat sepsis patient. London-based researchers developed an AI Clinician system that was able to match or make better decisions than doctors a majority of the time when treating sepsis patients. The next step for that system is to prove its worth a clinical setting.

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