With so many eyes fixed on New York City as the “epicenter” of the COVID-19 crisis in the U.S., it might go unnoticed at the national level that nearly 60,000 infections could be recorded some 150 miles to the north by June 8.

Unlearn.AI, a San Francisco-based AI technology company, has raised $12 million in Series A financing.

Researchers in Israel are working to develop a new AI-powered COVID-19 test—and they think it could be especially effective at detecting individuals who carry the virus without showing any symptoms.

The feat may offer a way for physicians to watch for signs of deterioration in patients who have too mild a case of the disease to warrant hospitalization but may need quick response if the condition worsens.

An AI-championing health-tech company whose name sounds like that of a consumer group has announced a formal partnership with the Big Tech corporation behind the AI-pioneering Watson technology.

Stopping scams before they’re perpetrated, cutting illicit payments and reducing hours spent by staff on such cases are three of the top benefits administrators believe artificial intelligence could deliver to their operations.

An MIT AI reporter considers the COVID-countering volunteerism of, among others, the founder of a machine-learning startup. He entered the fray when he saw that his parents weren’t getting it about the need to practice social distancing.

A physician working from home during the COVID-19 crisis may offer cybercriminals a tantalizing target. Taking note of the heightened threat, the AMA and AHA have put together guidance to help foil would-be offenders.

Researchers have used computational modeling and a machine-learning approach to predict electrotoxicity in the heart “from the atom to the rhythm.”

According to the company, its newly approved AI model can play a role in helping hospitals triage patients with suspected COVID-19.

Intermountain Healthcare, the sprawling 24-hospital system based in Utah, is partnering with a supplier of healthcare-specific virtual assistants to offer patients an automated COVID-19 interface on Intermountain’s homepage.

The COVID-19 crisis is inspiring all manner of loudly touted innovations aimed at leveraging AI to beat back, stamp out or otherwise contain the pandemic. Some watchers aren’t convinced the efforts are worthy of the attention they’re getting.