AI robots making big impact in elderly care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way healthcare providers care for elderly patients through a variety of new AI-powered solutions. One tool that’s making a big splash in the field is the robotic helper, according to a report by Forbes.  

Thanks to a lack of skilled caregivers that can help elderly patients who live alone, AI has helped push the need for robotic helpers and virtual companions, the report stated. “Robots like Catalia Health's Mabu, Intuition Robotics' ElliQ, CT Asia Robotics’ Dinsow and Reiken's Robobear are virtual home assistants for elderly who live alone and require daily assistance as well as companionship,” the report stated.

“Mabu is a conversational robot that can not only provide tailored conversations to each patient but can obtain the hard-to-get data about treatment. Whereas ElliQ is aimed at keeping older adults active and engaged by connecting them to their families and the outside world.”

There report also detailed other areas of elderly care that are heavily impacted by AI, which included: at-home health monitoring, smart devices for assisted daily living, smart devices for assisted fall detection and anti-aging research.

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