Trump’s 2021 budget boosts AI funding, cuts healthcare and science research

President Trump’s 2021 budget proposal included significant cuts related to healthcare and science research, but AI received additional funding compared to 2020.

Science Magazine shared a thorough breakdown of the proposal’s healthcare- and science-related cuts, which include a 7% hit to the National Institutes of Health’s research budget and a 6% hit to the National Science Foundation’s research budget.

AI and machine learning technologies, on the other and, gained considerable funding in the proposal.

“There are a few budgetary bright spots,” authors David Malakoff and Jeffrey Mervis explained. “One is USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the source of most of the department’s competitive grants to academic research, which would grow by 11%, or $95 million, to $968 million. Within that institute, its competitive grants program—now at $425 million—would have $100 million earmarked for AI and machine learning.”

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