Mexico looks to AI for help solving healthcare challenges

While most of the action around healthcare AI beyond the U.S.’s southern border has so far been in research, tech-focused startup companies based in Mexico have been popping up to push things forward with entrepreneurial energy.

Many of these have so far stuck to fairly simple solutions like appointment reminders and exercise monitors, but at least one well-placed observer believes AI-powered medical startups may be just around the corner—and they would not be starting from scratch.

“There are great frameworks that are relatively easy to use,” Enrique Cortes Rello, CEO of a company called HealthCubed JCSA, tells BNAmericas.

Cortes, who teaches data science at Tec de Monterrey University, says the school considers it “an important task to find and incentivize startups that use AI as a core technology in healthcare—and also to find social startups that could scale up using AI.”

Presently Cortes is concentrating on bringing to Mexico AI-based detection of diabetic retinopathy. But he expects AI to open care-improvement opportunities in other areas of medicine, including chronic disease management, he tells BNAmericas.

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