IBM announces $2B expansion effort for AI center

IBM is moving forward with a $2 billion expansion in New York to develop a new AI center, according to a report published in The Washington Post.

The company announced the expansion on Thursday, Feb. 7, and plans to work with the state of New York, SUNY Polytechnic Institute and its founding partnership members to create the IBM Research AI Hardware Center. According to a blog post, the center will serve as a global research hub to develop next-generation AI hardware and expand joint research efforts in nanotechnology.

"The IBM Research AI Hardware Center will be the nucleus of a new ecosystem of research and commercial partners collaborating with IBM researchers to further accelerate the development of AI-optimized hardware innovations,” Mukesh Khare, vice president of semiconductor and AI hardware for IBM Research, wrote in a blog post. “Working through the center, IBM and its partners will advance a range of technologies from chip level devices, materials and architecture to the software supporting AI workloads." 

Along with IBM’s $2 billion investment into the expansion project, it will receive $300 million in funding from New York to help purchase and install equipment, according to the Washington Post report. The company also plans to invest $55 million to fund AI research across the State University of New York system.

The expansion project is the latest move IBM has made with a focus on AI research. In January, the company announced a partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to use AI and machine learning to better understand Parkinson’s disease.

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