AI startup, University of Pittsburgh collaborate on new machine learning models

Owkin, a New York City-based AI startup, announced it is now working with the University of Pittsburgh to design and validate advanced machine learning models. Once finalized, the new models are expected to have a significant impact in areas such as clinical research and the development of pharmaceuticals.

Michael Becich, MD, PhD, a Distinguished University Professor from Pitt’s department of biomedical informatics (DBMI), is leading the school’s researchers as they introduce their own “high-quality datasets and world-class medical research” with Owkin’s AI and federated learning solutions.

“We’re thrilled to launch this project with Dr. Becich and his team at Pitt,” Meriem Sefta, head of partnerships for Owkin, said in a prepared statement. “The quality and size of the University’s research cohorts in combination with the DBMI’s mandate to bring together healthcare physicians and innovative academics to work on some of the most cutting-edge science, makes this collaboration a great opportunity to develop predictive AI models and to scale other research in the future.”

“This collaboration with Owkin will expand our innovations in the computational pathology space,” Becich said in the same statement. “Our currently funded projects explore areas such as the intersection of genomics and machine learning applied to histopathologic imaging (computational pathology) to broaden our understanding of the role of the tumor microenvironment for precision immune-oncology.”