These companies want to see your poop—all in the name of AI

People often stare at their phones while using the restroom, scrolling through emails and social media posts to help pass the time. Now, however, two companies are asking phone-toting individuals to do something else before they flush: snap a quick photo of their poop.

According to a report from CNN, the companies—Auggi, a startup that wants to help users track gastrointestinal issues, and Seed Health, specialists in microbes and probiotics—are working to develop a dataset of more than 100,000 photos. The data could then be used to help train a variety of AI algorithms.

Auggi’s aim is to train an algorithm that can help users deal with various bowel-related health issues. Users would upload images to the app and receive important information about what may or may not be ailing them.

Auggi has already tested its algorithm with images made of Play-Doh, achieving an accuracy approaching 100%.

“Obviously, when it comes to real stool, we need real data to achieve similar levels of accuracy,” said David Hachuel, Auggi cofounder and CEO, as quoted by CNN.

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