AI to combine with imaging and genomics in precision medicine project

A Canadian healthcare AI company is partnering with a DNA analytics outfit in California to explore how genomics can help advance the science of precision medicine.

Montreal-based Imagia announced the collaboration June 22, stating it will work with San Diego-based Illumina to create a unified source of genomic and health data.

Streams feeding the flow of info will include imaging studies and clinical notes as well as refined genomic data, according to the announcement. The initial primary aim will be to develop highly targeted drugs.

Imagia’s CTO, Florent Chandelier, cites Illumina’s expertise in “bringing the right scalable analysis tools to the combination of high-quality genomic data with patient data to drive precision medicine.”

To this Imagia will contribute AI capabilities built on its access to privacy-ensured health data from Imagia’s clinical and research clients, who collectively represent more than 4 million patients, the company notes.

Illumina VP Rami Mehio says the partnership will support research into “novel discoveries that unlock the medical utility of the genome through intelligent application of AI on combined imaging and genomic data.”