Adopting AI no walk in the park for healthcare providers

The rise of AI is an exciting change for healthcare providers all over the world, but implementing these groundbreaking technologies still comes with its fair share of significant challenges.  

A new commentary published in Harvard Business Review reviewed some of those challenges, making it clear that providers still have a long way to go before experiencing the full impact of AI.

“Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, presents exciting opportunities to transform the health and life sciences spaces,” author Roger Kuan wrote in his commentary. “It offers tantalizing prospects for swifter, more accurate clinical decision making and amplified R&D capabilities. However, open issues around regulation and clinical relevance remain, causing both technology developers and potential investors to grapple with how to overcome today’s barriers to adoption, compliance, and implementation.”

The author explored many issues related to AI, including receiving regulatory approval and explaining AI’s actions to establish trust. Click the link below to read his full commentary: