eHealth Initiative launches 2020 Roadmap

The eHealth Initiative launched a new public-private collaboration--the 2020--Roadmap, to help guide the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system by 2020.

To be developed over the next six months through a series of surveys, webinars, executive roundtables and events with key constituents, 2020 Roadmap will propose key policy recommendations to implement at a federal level and actions for the private sector to help transform healthcare. These recommendations will focus on:

  • Identifying a sustainable glide path for Meaningful Use
  • Promoting interoperable systems
  • Transforming care delivery
  • Balancing innovation and privacy

“Health reform calls for transformation to a value-based interoperable system, but there is little direction on how to transition from our current work processes and systems. Clinicians, payers and providers need leadership to help transform delivery systems and control cost,” said Jennifer Covich Bordenick, CEO of the eHealth Initiative, in a statement. “The goal of our new initiative is to craft a multi-stakeholder solution that coordinates the efforts of both the public and private sector so that we can make this transition successfully.”

Visit the 2020 Roadmap website for more information.