How will AI, other advanced technologies impact physicians?

At East Tech West 2019, an annual healthcare technology retreat in China hosted by CNBC, industry leaders from all over the world gathered to discuss a variety of topics. One of the biggest topics was the potential impact of AI, blockchain and other advanced technologies.

When discussing the likelihood that AI will one day replace doctors, one panelist at the conference noted the technology was not even close to proving it could play a critical role in patient care.

“I don’t think at this stage, we are 100%, or even close to 100%, sure that AI can replace a historical high-touch type of doctor-patient relationship,” said Chun Yuan Chiang, founder of IHDPay Group, as quoted by CNBC.

The panelists did seem to agree that AI’s impact has been significant. The ability for algorithms to evaluate CT scans, for instance, shows they are certainly worth the hype.

Another topic discussed at the conference was how AI—as well as blockchain and other advanced technologies—might impact healthcare costs.

“I think the technology is going to help us streamline the operations and reduce our operating costs,” said Jai Verma, CEO and board member of Cigna DIFC, as quoted by CNBC. “AI would help you to make it automated, so the future systems are going to help reduce your costs.”

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