TeraRecon awarded 2 AI patents for medical imaging technology

TeraRecon announced Monday, March 2, that its AI solutions have been awarded two technology patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The first patent, “System and Method for Medical Image Interpretation,” covers the company’s image analysis engine, including the machine learning-powered capabilities that help the technology evolve based on user modifications.

The second, “Medical Image Identification and Interpretation,” covers similar ground, also emphasizing AI that uses prior imaging findings to reach its conclusions.

“Prioritizing physician control over AI findings is key to garnering trust and achieving wide-spread clinical adoption,” Jeff Sorenson, TeraRecon CEO, said in a prepared statement. “These platform patents cover a wide and important range of image interpretation use cases, validating TeraRecon as the standard-bearer for interactive AI-driven radiology interpretation technology.” 

Additional information on these patents, including full PDFs, is available on the company’s website.