RadNet announces new AI partnership focused on breast cancer imaging

RadNet has announced a new partnership with Santa Clara, California-based Whiterabbit.ai to improve mammography screening rates and breast cancer care through the use of AI and other advanced technologies.

The two companies began their collaboration with a pilot program in Delaware and Florida that successfully brought more patients in for their recommended screening exams using both machine learning and increased communication. RadNet now hopes to bring those same results to patients in its other markets by the first half of 2020.


“The partnership arrangement with, and investment in Whiterabbit.ai reiterates our commitment to position RadNet with cutting-edge technology solutions that we believe will transform our industry in the coming years,” Howard Berger, MD, chairman and CEO of RadNet, said in a prepared statement. “We expect that machine learning, big data applications and automation algorithms will help us to deliver our services more cost effectively, efficiently and accurately, while enhancing the patient experience.”

RadNet also made a significant investment in Whiterabbit.ai, making plans to develop new solutions in the near future that can help automate the interpretation of mammographic images.

“RadNet shares our mission to improve the early detection and diagnostics of breast disease, and ultimately reduce suffering by materially reducing the incidence of late-stage cancers,” Rakesh Mathur, Whiterabbit.ai founder and CEO, said in the same statement. “We are working with RadNet’s team to create solutions consistent with our shared visions of customer-focused medicine and attention to the patient experience. The objectives of our collaboration with RadNet are to improve mammography compliance by women across the country, enhance their imaging center experience and drive more positive outcomes through early detection.”