Facebook, NYU continue collaboration to speed up medical imaging with AI

Facebook and the NYU School of Medicine made headlines back in August 2018 when they announced their plan to improve MRI times using AI. More than a year later, Popular Science has released an in-depth report on how that collaboration is progressing.

For example, a study by NYU researchers focused on the overall quality of AI-created MRI scans is being prepared for academic review. AI has the ability to do more with less data, so the team’s hope is that a good enough algorithm will be able to produce accurate, radiologist-approved images while acquiring much less data. And if AI can successfully develop strong enough scans, the belief is that Facebook and NYU can speed up the process in a way to benefit providers and patients alike.

“My dream is to have five-minute scan times for every joint,” Michael Recht, chair of the radiology department at NYU Langone Health, explained to Popular Science.

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