AI a hot topic for radiology researchers in 2019

For RSNA’s Radiology journal, AI was one of the most popular topics of 2019.

David A. Bluemke, MD, PhD, Radiology’s editor in chief, wrote about the journal’s “top” articles of the year in a new commentary. He noted that 25% of all research articles published in 2019 were related to AI and/or radiomics.

Bluemke also provided specific rankings based on a number of metrics. For example, five of the 10 most downloaded articles and five of the 10 articles with the highest Altmetric scores were related to AI. Altmetric scores, Bluemke explained, tend to be higher for “newsworthy issues that are of general interest.”

“Altmetric scores do seem to correlate with controversial topics,” he wrote. “Articles in areas such as artificial intelligence or other very contemporary areas also tend to have higher Altmetric scores.”

In addition, six of the journal’s 10 most-cited articles in 2019 were also related to AI, though citations take longer to track and much of that list was actually published in 2017-2018.

“Congratulations to the authors of these topical articles,” Bluemke wrote. “We will cross our fingers that your articles also hold up over time and are cited frequently by your peers.”

RSNA also launched a brand new journal dedicated to AI in 2019, Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, showing just how important the topic continues to be for radiology researchers. Additional information on the development of that publication can be read here and here.