AI startup’s newest offering designed to reduce burnout, improve patient encounters

Saykara, a Seattle-based healthcare technology company, has launched a new AI-powered solution for documenting physician-patient conversations.

The solution was designed to “ambiently and autonomously” record patient visits without the use of any prompts or voice commands, extracting meaning from the entire encounter. According to Saykara, it’s the first healthcare solution of its kind to hit the market. The company’s ambient healthcare voice assistant is already being used by representatives from 25 different healthcare organizations.

“Saykara has been built on the core belief that conversational AI can not only solve physician burnout and improve job satisfaction, but that it is the single most important foundational technology for healthcare in the next decade,” Harjinder Sandhu, CEO of Saykara, said in a prepared statement. “Up until now, AI has made an impact with access to medical imaging, lab results and patient history. Now we're at AI's next frontier in medicine. Much like autonomous cars learned from shadowing human drivers, Kara is shadowing doctors and learning from the incredibly rich data available from exam room conversations.”

“To a large degree, the day-to-day practice of modern medicine has been hijacked by electronic documentation that serves billing. I didn't get into medicine to spend hours of my day doing data entry on a computer,” Matt Fradkin, MD, of Providence St. Joseph Health in Washington, said in the same statement. “As an early adopter of Saykara, I saw an immediate reduction in my charting time, meaning I was able to spend more time more time at home with my family, more time with patients and more time on all of the parts of medicine that bring me joy. Over the past two years, I've seen Kara get faster and better, with almost no delay between a patient encounter and clinic note. I'm looking forward to the efficiency improvements a fully autonomous system can introduce into my day-to-day.”