RSNA launches AI radiology journal

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has published the first issue of its new online journal focusing solely on AI in radiology.

Radiology: Artificial Intelligence highlights the emerging applications of machine learning and AI in the field of imaging across multiple disciplines. The journal is the first of three new online-only journals that will be available to members, according to a press release.

The journal is also welcoming “high-quality manuscripts” that illustrate the use of AI to diagnose and manage patients, extract information, streamline radiology workflow or improve healthcare outcomes.

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of articles in the journal’s first issue,” journal editor Charles E. Kahn Jr., MD, said in a prepared statement. “These articles highlight the ways that AI can be applied to measurably improve healthcare.”

With a newfound interest of AI within the healthcare care industry, Kahn encouraged experts to embrace the technology and learn how it could help physicians and radiologists care for patients more effectively and humanely.

“Anyone can claim to build an AI system, but that doesn’t mean that the system will do their bidding as imagined,” Kahn said in an editorial published in the journal. “Our journal is here to assure that the science and applications of AI in radiology are built on thoughtful, innovative, and well-validated research.”