AI for image analysis named top digital health technology for 2019

AI for image analysis is predicted to be the top digital health technology for 2019 based on a survey of healthcare professionals, according to Forbes.

The report surveyed healthcare professionals from different sectors about key technologies that would have the biggest impact in the medical industry in 2019 and top challenges in each sector. 

AI for image analysis topped the list as a solution to heavy radiologist workloads. According to the report, heavy workloads prevent radiologists from having enough time to analyze images, which could lead to errors and misdiagnoses. AI is expected to speed up the image analysis process and improve diagnostic accuracy and early detection of diseases.

“Acceleration and automation (or semi-automation) using AI algorithms for image analysis tasks can act as key time-saving and productivity-gaining contributors,” Forbes reported. “AI that seeks to streamline image analysis processes by reducing the number of clicks to perform a task and guessing the next steps based on context, that learns user preferences and so on will help accelerate the process of image analysis.”

Other technologies featured in the rankings included:

  • Using augmented reality to improve the efficiency and cost optimization of surgeries
  • The adoption of digital solutions by the health insurance sector
  • Improving electronic health record (EHR) interoperability through blockchain technologies
  • Utilizing wearables and mobile health apps to enable virtual clinical trials

To read the full report, click the link below.