Louisiana HIE launches patient portal

The Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum has launched the Louisiana Health Information Exchange (LaHIE) Patient Portal.

The LaHIE Patient Portal is a secure, online website that provides patients with 24-­hour  access  to  their personal health information. In order to access the portal, their healthcare provider must be actively participating in LaHIE and subscribed  to  the  service. LaHIE is the state’s electronic health system that allows authorized doctors to view and share patient data through a secure platform. Patients must register with their doctors to gain access to the portal. Once registered, they will be able to review their personal health information using a secure username and password. Only information stored by participating LaHIE providers will be available through the portal.  “The LaHIE Patient Portal presents a unique opportunity for patients to become proactive in monitoring and managing their health. We hope the portal encourages patients to make their personal health a priority by knowing their numbers and making the necessary changes toward healthier living,” said Cindy Munn, Quality Forum CEO.