‘It transports you to a safe place’: VR helps veterans manage chronic pain

Healthcare providers are turning to virtual reality (VR) headsets more and more to treat their patients. At Tampa-based James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, veterans are being given VR headsets so they can experience a much more relaxing environment, one that isn’t full of pain and discomfort.

According to a new report from ABC Action News, the hospital has treated “hundreds of patients” with these VR headsets in the last year. The results have been so promising that some patients are even investing in their own personal headsets for home use.

“It transports you to a safe place, that place where everything quiets down and you don’t have to worry about your pain,” said William Sircy, an Army veteran who has lived with chronic pain for the last 15 years.  

Later in the story, Sircy notes that his pain level was at a “six” before one recent VR session—and it was a “zero” when he was done.

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