Singapore combatting coronavirus with AI-powered screening system

A new AI-powered temperature screening system is hitting the streets of Singapore to help fight against the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

KroniKare, a healthcare technology company based out of Singapore, developed the iThermos solution after precautionary measures were put in place that required citizens to be scanned before entering certain areas. It was designed to be “easily deployed at entrances of places like office buildings and shopping malls” and includes a smartphone camera, thermal camera and laser camera.

The device uses AI technology to screen people much faster than traditional methods, alerting a staff member with a specific sound when someone with a fever is detected. Wait times to enter certain buildings in Singapore are currently 40 minutes or more.

“(For manual screening), it ranges from 20 to 30 seconds to take a reading … that’s the maximum they can do,” said Chua Chee Yong, head of emerging services and capabilities at Singapore’s Integrated Health Information System, in a prepared statement. “For the iThermo, we’re looking at about eight to 10 (screenings) per minute.”

KroniKare noted that 50 of these devices are scheduled to be ready any day now. Another 50 are expected to be available by the end of February.